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Jesus Week is a simple strategy that is enabling the Church of NYC to visibly and strategically operate as ONE.

We welcome all churches and ministries to participate by stepping up prayer and/or stepping up outreach during this week.

Then join thousands of your brothers and sisters in Times Square (5pm) to Celebrate and lift up the Name of JESUS.

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Over 3 Million Dollars Of Available Resources!

120,000 Christian Children’s books (40,000 in Spanish)
180,000 Christian Devotional Books
100,000 Jesus Film DVD’s
(Each Embedded With 24 Languages For Effective Ministry To Our Growing Immigrant Population)
All for local ministry distribution during JESUS WEEK!!!

Nehemiah used two city rebuilding strategies:
1. He encouraged families to rebuild the city where they lived.
2. He told all the families to come together when he blew the trumpet.

We are encouraging both during Jesus week:
1. That THE CHURCH would PRAY AND WORK TOGETHER as the family of God in every zip code in our city.
2. That THE CHURCH would GATHER TOGETHER as ONE BODY to make His praise glorious in our city.

Prayer and Resource Distribution Rallies !!!

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How can I be involved?

I’d like to be involved in the following way (Church/Pastor):
• We will increase prayer meetings in our church for NYC during this week.
• Our Church will prayer walk our zip code during Jesus Week.
• Our Church will engage in some form of community service/outreach during Jesus Week. (See Jesus Week Opportunities below for ideas)
• We will participate in the Times Square Gathering

I’d like to be involved in the following way (Individual):
• I will pray for my neighborhood during Jesus Week.
• I will connect with one of the many community outreaches that are going on during Jesus Week. (See Jesus Week Opportunities below)

Register for Jesus Week (Non-Profit org/Ministry)
• I will encourage prayer participation in my network.
• I will utilize my unique resources to assist in various community outreach initiatives.

Sign Up Below:

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Participate in PRAY NY: Mobilize your church to pray in your zip code on May 27th to kick off Jesus Week (any or every day of the week is fine as well – just save energy for Times Square).

For over ten years, PRAY NY Churches have “prayer walked” and ministered in every zip code in NYC. Jesus commanded us to go into the highways, the streets and the lanes to compel the lost to come in (Lk. 13:21,23).

The Lord promised Joshua, “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you” (Josh. 1:3).

We have seen God do marvelous work as we obey His command to “possess the land.”

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Hope Day

  • Hope Day Empower Image


    We believe in uniting churches, as well as equipping them with resources & training to help prepare them to transform their community through a Hope Day event.

  • Hope Day Transform Image


    We work with churches to host events within their community, which offer families & individuals free resources such as food, shoes, haircuts, & more.

  • Hope Day Love Image


    Ultimately at the end of the day, our hope & prayer is that every guest who attends a Hope Day event will experience the love of Christ through our staff & volunteers.

Jesus Week Opportunities:

  • NY City Serv Video Launcher

    NY City Serve

    Our mission is to celebrate and accelerate collaborations that love and serve the City of New York. We are a large network of hundreds of churches across all Five Boroughs and together have invested tens of thousands of dollars and volunteer hours in loving and serving New York and her amazing people. Through the incredible and generous work of the Luis Palau Association, NY CityServe got its start in the summer of 2014 and officially launched a year later.
    Learn More Here

  • Metro World Child Outreach Video Launcher

    Metro World Child Outreach

    Metro World Child Outreach: Metro World Child operates 200 weekly outdoor children’s outreaches in 200 of the poorest neighborhoods in NYC. They welcome local churches partnerships, to help care for and disciple their many young converts. On the Saturate NYC App, you can find all their times and locations under the “Find a Church/Youth” button. Jesus Week would be a great week to make the connection and bless their outreach with cookies, cake or even a hot dog party to celebrate the end of the year.
    Learn More Here

    For More Info Contact:

  • Jesus Film DVD Video Launcher

    Jesus Film DVD

    Reach the immigrants among us with the Jesus Film DVD: Over the past two months, churches and ministries throughout NYC have distributed nearly 170,000 Jesus Film DVD’s to their neighbors. Each DVD shares the story of Jesus in 24 languages. Register for the Jesus Film Outreach and we will provide you with the addresses of families that surround you that are likely to speak a 2nd language at home and as many DVD’s as you need to reach them.
    Learn More Here

Bless Every Home

Encourage your congregations to sign up for:
This ministry will give everyone who registers a list of 100 of their nearest neighbors. Every day they can receive an email list with the names and addresses of 5 families to pray for. Every 20 days, they can pray for 100 families around them. Assuming, 4 persons per household, 25,000 saints can saturate a city of 10 million in prayer. Learn More Here

The Hope Project

The Hope Project

The Story of God's Promise for All People

Welcome to the website for The HOPE video and Study Guide. We're glad you are here. The HOPE is an epic 80-minute dramatic motion picture overview of the story of God's promise for all people as revealed in the Bible. If you are looking for hope and a reason to believe, or if you are just curious about what it means to have faith in God, you've come to the right place.

More Ways To Help…

Saturate NY App

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Download the Saturate NY App and Website. These “e-tools” are uniquely designed to share the Gospel and empower believers to powerfully share their faith and bless anyone in NYC.

Seekers can find: churches, food pantries, addiction services, social services, a NYC tourism guide, the Bible and Christian Films in hundreds of languages, and answers to challenging life and faith questions.

Saints can find: Tools to help them evangelize and minister, Discipleship materials (Christ Now, Legacy Minded Men, Explore God, Bible study tools), worship music, prayer evangelism helps and much more. All available on one App.

There is no other tool like it anywhere, take advantage of it.

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