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Christ alone is the spring of living water. All saturation is in and through Him.
David Bryant is championing the pursuit of a Christ Saturation,
leading to a great Christ Awakening!

“You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”

One of our principal partners in Saturate NYC is David Bryant of the Christ Now movement. His passion and ours is to see a “Christ Awakening – total Christ Saturation.”

Executing a strategic outreach plan devoid of “Power from on High,” is like sending men to battle in perfect military formation without weapons. We as leaders and all who serve with us can never saturate our neighborhoods and boroughs with rivers of living water if we ourselves are parched and barren.

Our first priority is the same as Jesus' priority in Acts 1:8: that His disciples be saturated with the Holy Spirit, sent from his throne to empower his people to fulfill his mission of saturation among the nations.

In addition, when Christ saturates God's people with more of his glory and greatness, this will enable us to promote greater unity among all of us as we collaborate to share Christ in every zip code and community district. As he prayed in John 17, Christ’s main reason for revealing more of his glory to his followers is; “that they might be one.”

Currently, across the country Christian leaders are referring to the Church's experience of a "Christ saturation" by using the term, a “Christ Awakening." A Christ Awakening is usually defined as God's Spirit using God's Word to reintroduce God's people to God's Son for ALL he is. A"Christ Awakening" is God's Spirit saturating God's people to help them gain a far greater awareness of who Jesus is right now, reigning as King in his majesty and supremacy.

The first step towards NYC Saturation is in fact a weekly prayer meeting of pastors and ministers in each of the 59 Community Districts (CD) of NYC. We are encouraging each of our CD Shepherds to gather like-minded leaders to pray for their region and to discuss ways to help their people grow a much larger vision of Christ--to become increasingly saturated with the reality of the supremacy of Christ so that they will want to saturate their neighborhoods and beyond with the glory of Christ.

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By Pastor David Beidel

Quite possibly the most beautiful act of worship ever, was the moment Mary of Bethany poured out her treasure of pure nard upon Jesus.

She is renowned as one who was saturated with the presence of Jesus and proceeded to saturate Him with her worship, thus filling the earth with a holy fragrance.


The first step for city saturation is unified pastoral prayer.

The heart of Saturate NYC is a passion for Christ that compels us to satisfy His hungry heart for the lost in our city.

The infrastructure for Saturate NY is built on pastoral prayer gatherings in the 59 Community Districts of NYC.

First steps:

The founder of Concerts of Prayer NYC and the international Concerts of Prayer movement, David Bryant, has spent the last 20 years of his life seeking to plumb the depths of Christs love and the supremacy of His glory. He has powerfully condensed thousands of hours of prayer and study into a 9 hr. video journey: The Christ Institutes.

We cannot more highly recommend journeying through these teaching together with leaders and congregations.

Until we begin to understand the passion of Christ for our city and the supremacy of Christ over our city, we will never have the faith and love to possess our city. We encourage every CD shepherd to engage in and lead a cohort of pastors through the Christ Institutes. Christ saturation is the starting point for City Saturation.

1. Christ Awakening New Year prayer and fasting devotional guide. For the New Year we are encouraging pastors and congregations to engage in a city-wide 21 Day Christ Awakening. On our App and website, we have prepared a daily 15 minute devotional video and response journal. (This can be used anytime of the year.)

2. Pray for your community district with faith and passion.

…..a. Each Community District (CD) in NYC is the size of a medium sized city.

…..b. Each CD has its own culture and its own challenges.

…..c. Each CD has its own leadership structure (religious, political, social, business, media…etc).

…..d. Only indigenous leaders can begin to understand the nuances of their region, they are its important intercessors.

3. Gather several others ministry leaders to pray on a weekly basis.

…..a. Look for key leaders in every zip code in your CD. Share with them the dream of Gospel Saturation. Start small, be consistent.

…..b. Weekly gatherings are important for vigilance in spiritual warfare and for building true relationship with other leaders in your community. Some will only have the bandwidth to come once a month, but the champion or “CD Shepherd” and the eventual “Zip Code Shepherds” must make every effort to be there weekly.

…..c. Our city will be won through prayer and faith first. Everything else is just possessing the conquered territory.

4. Discuss with your pastors/ministers group what a collaborative strategy would look like that would enable Gospel and Discipleship saturation of your CD.

5. Be familiar with the Tool Kits, books and Bible study resources.

…..a. The Tool kits are great kick starters for engaging the four quadrants of outreach we are targeting.

…..b. Read the “Saturation” book for a fuller understanding of the theology and narrative behind the movement.

…..c. The four outreach quadrants of Acts 1:8 we have sought to contextualize will be helpful in many scenarios and contexts, however, each CD will have unique qualities that only the indigenous leaders and ground troops can understand and respond to.

…..d. Feel free to utilize any of the resources and strategies that are offered but also please help us build the toolkits by sharing the hard-earned street wisdom that has helped to increase your effectiveness.

6. Transitioning from emotional unity to functional unity is challenging, but without trust and brotherly love, there is nothing to build on. Praying together and dreaming together on a regular basis will always lead to oneness. This does not mean that the road is easy, there will always be drama and infighting until Satan is locked down. However, if you are praying and dreaming together, at least you are on the road.

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Together, we can Saturate our city with a
"knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”
(Habakkuk 2.14)

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